Nora Roberts sues writer for plagiarism


American author Nora Roberts accused Brazilian romance novelist Cristiane Serruya of copying or paraphrasing from 10 of her books and sued her for copyright infringement on April 24.
In a lawsuit, Roberts has asked of at least $25,000 from Serruya, according to a report by the New York Times (NYT). Roberts has also asked for the sale of her books to be stopped until all the plagiarized material is removed from Serruya’s books. The bestselling author also said that she would donate all the money from the lawsuit to a Brazilian literacy organization.

It’s noted that Roberts suit follows other accusations of plagiarism against Serruya. ‘Two months ago, readers discovered similarities between Ms Serruya’s novel “Royal Love” and “The Duchess War” by Courtney Milan. Since then, dozens of other novelists — including Tessa Dawn, Loretta Chase and Lynne Graham — made similar accusations, some of them sharing their findings on Twitter with the hashtag #CopyPasteCris. More than 40 writers and nearly 100 books are involved so far,’ reads the NYT report.

Talking about fighting against plagiarism, according to NYT’s report, Roberts said, “A lot of the other writers involved in this, they don’t have the money to fight it… I do have the money.”

Meanwhile, Serruya hasn’t given any public statements on this matter. But in an email to Robert’s publicist, she wrote that she “never intentionally plagiarized anyone.”


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