Man United Legend David Beckham Happy With a Mature Solskjaer at the Helm


​Former ​Manchester United midfielder David Beckham has revealed that he is excited to see a mature Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager of the team, and believes that the Norwegian can steer the club to success.

Solskjaer took over the reins after Jose Mourinho was fired in December following poor results, and since then has taken the club to the quarterfinals of the Champions League and within touching distance of the top four.

Beckham believes that Solskjaer should be made the permanent manager and is confident that his former teammate has what it takes to steer the club towards success.

“Ole has just come in. He gains that respect from the players because he had done it. He’d been there on the biggest stage and won, he’s been successful,” he signalled to ESPN. “As a manager he’s done it in a mature way, a way that is respected by not just younger people but older ones.

“Having the support of The Boss [Ferguson] has also helped him and given him confidence. When you get results like he’s had, that’s great. To see someone that knows the club, that understands the club, come in and do as well as he has done has been great… what he’s done, makes us as ex-teammates very proud. It’s exciting.”

United have not yet announced their decision over who will be their permanent manager in the new season, with Solskjaer and Mauricio Pochettino being the front runners. The club is poised to make an announcement soon but may hold off on the decision until the season is over. 


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