Google Doodle celebrates International Women's Day 2019 with inspiring quotes of…


Google is celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 with a doodle to honour female game-changers who have been putting in efforts diligently and have been successful in bringing about a change in one way or another. In the interactive doodle comprising quotes in the form of illustrations by artists and designers, Google has showcased these across various languages by thirteen international female trailblazers – both past and present.

Google says that the interactive doodle is dedicated to “women empowering women” and has been created by a talented group of female artists from around the world.

Women’s Day was first observed on February 28 1909, in New York. In 1910, at the International Woman’s Conference, March 8 was finalised as the day when Women’s Day would be officially commemorated.

The last two years have seen a new wave in the era of women’s rights in the form of the MeToo movement which started off in America and has made waves of change all over the world.

The day is not associated with any one group, but it brings together various organisations, companies and charities. All over the world, it is celebrated by performances, marches, talks and discussions.

The doodle starts with “woman” written in eleven different languages, including Hindi, Arabic, French, Bangla, Russian, Japanese, German, Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese, also featuring Argentinian graphic designer Yai Salinas’s work on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s and Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva’s famous quotes in her designs.

Sabeena Karnik, an Indian paper typographer and illustrator created the designs based on the quotes by Indian boxer Mary Kom and diplomat NL Beno Zephine. The doodle also features Nigerian writer and feminist Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid, Indian boxer Mary Kom, Indian diplomat NL Beno Zephine and French novelist George Sand.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy Women’s Day!

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First Published: Mar 08, 2019 12:05 IST


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