Apple Adds 'Confirm Subscriptions' Pop-Up to Prevent Accidental Purchases on App Store: Report


Apple has reportedly expanded the subscription process in the App Store by adding an additional step to limit accidental subscriptions. The Cupertino giant has been spotted adding a “Confirm Subscription” pop-up that essentially helps avoid subscribing by mistake. The new addition is believed to be in the rollout process last week. In February, Apple made it easier to manage existing subscriptions on the App Store by adding a dedicated shortcut. The company also in January updated its developer guidance for in-app subscriptions to define price details for each subscription.

First noted by app developer David Barnard on Twitter, Apple is said to have added a confirmation step for the App Store subscriptions. A pop-up titled Confirm Subscription emerges once users authenticate the subscription via Touch ID or Face ID to get final confirmation from the user side. “The subscription will continue unless cancelled in Settings at least one day before a subscription period ends,” reads the text on the pop-up.

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Apple shows a “Confirm Subscription” pop-up to limit accidental subscription purchases
Photo Credit: Twitter/ David Barnard

Users need to tap the OK button on the pop-up to finalise the subscription, or else, they can tap the Cancel button to revoke the subscription. By this way, Apple is apparently set to limit accidental subscriptions, which is one of the major problems pertaining to subscriptions on the App Store.

Apple devices with Touch ID are more prone to accidental subscriptions over the ones using Face ID since users just need to place their finger on the Home button to authenticate their subscription. This isn’t the case with iPhones using Face ID since they need to double-click the side button before enabling the facial recognition technology to authenticate subscription purchases.

It appears that Apple hasn’t rolled out the new reported change for its users worldwide. We weren’t able to spot it on our iOS 12.2.1-running iPhone models at the time of filing this story.

As we mentioned, Apple in February made it easier for iOS users to manage their subscriptions via the App Store using the “Manage Subscriptions” shortcut. The company also recently updated its Human Interface Guidelines and App Store documentation pages to enhance clarity around how apps charge subscriptions.


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