Akash and Shloka Ambani turn gym buddies!


Akash Ambani and Shloka Ambani, who recently tied the knot have been in news for the longest time. From their wedding to their love story, a lot of things have been talked about. And now, they have set social media ablaze with another photo. The couple, who have been together since their school days have turned into gym buddies! They now work out together under the guidance of a popular fitness coach.
Celebrity workout trainer and lifestyle coach Kunal Gir is the secret behind a lot of celebrities getting in shape. He has helped Ranbir Kapoor bulk up and get a body like Sanjay Dutt for his role in Sanju and also helped director Karan Johar get in shape and now, seems like the new couple in town are coaching under Kunal Gir.

Kunal Gir also thanked them for being very friendly and dedicated.

Here is the photo!

With Shloka and Akash Ambani, I don’t know where the lines blur from work to play and from client to friend.

@shloka11 @aambani1 – The warmth and love that you showed has made us feel so special at Steel!

Thank you guys for a memorable evening! We look forward to welcoming you again soon.

Needless to say, both Akash and Shloka are fit and look amazing They also work out a lot to stay in shape. Discipline and an impressive dedication to fitness runs in the Ambani family. Akash’s younger brother, Anant Ambani had impressed everyone with his amazing transformation.

In under 18 months, Anant Ambani successfully shed 108 kilos in a safe and natural way which is nothing but jaw-dropping. Going on a no-sugar, no-carb diet, he stuck to a natural diet and exercised daily for 5-6 hours. Despite suffering from asthma and other medical issues, Anant showed a lot of dedication and practiced a combination of exercises like HIIT, cardio, burpees and even yoga to transform himself. He also quit junk food completely and only consumed 1200 calories a day. The transformation earned him a lot of praise.


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