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Latest content : Be Updated with the latest technology news and new gadgets info , release dates,rumours, now on your mobile device.
This app helps to be updated with latest news and developments in the tech or the so called world of technology
Content Types : We Have you covered with latest updates such as Google, Microsoft, windows, xiaomi, android, updates, Facebook, google assistant.
Sports : We are pleased to have a tie up with our partner to get you the latest football news, regarding your favorite team from the most renowned leagues Such as the Premier League, Bundisliga, La liga etc.

-latest news and updates from the tech world
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-Live Blog,
-get updated with latest news with the help of push notifications
-get latest reviews of gadgets and Gizmos
-Optimize Font Size for specific size of reading (especially for people who cannot read small letters)
-Night Mode for browsing content in the dark light
-choose your favorite news articles on basis of category
-only read news and articles related to tech news on the basis of specific categories selected
-QR CODE READER add-on for scanning QR codes with embedded content
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